Random Thoughts for Friday Morning


It’s one of those mornings where the morning sky lit up with some colour, turned to grey skies and now various shades of pinks, oranges, blues and silvers paint the clouds.  It’s also a day where I woke up with a ginormous headache that put me off the work day.  No worries.  I have lotsa sick time on the books and a day off can’t hurt anyone.

The weather finally got my last hanging basket.  The front porch protected it for as long as it could but the cold finally got it.  It’s funny how the plant in the stand next to the front door is still hanging in there.  It makes me wonder how long that one will last.

The morning sky turned to silvers and blues.  It was kinda cool.

This morning is a good bread baking day.  It’s cold out there anywho and it will make the house warm and smell good.