Thursday Morning


Yeh, it even sounded bad outside when I laid there in bed.  I contemplated my choices:  1.  Get out of a nice warm bed.  2.  Call in unmotivated to work cuz I’d hafta go out in some nasty ass weather to get to work.  I decided the second choice wouldn’t go over none too well with my boss so I got out of that warm bed.

I pulled up a weather app on my phone to check the temps outside.  It must have been broken cuz it said it was 30*F out there. Brrrr!  This is not French Polynesia weather.  What am I doing living here?  Oh yeh, I won’t move cuz my grands are here.  Silly me.

Today is the one day this week where I appreciate my office being too warm.  I can’t say the same for the coat of choice for this morning.  I’m gonna trade my short wool winter coat for my long one.  It didn’t keep my butt warm when I was out in this God awful weather and let’s readily concede I like my comfort.  It’s gonna be a long “W” for me.

No, I can’t bring myself to say or write that “W” word right now.  It’s way too early in the year as far as I’m concerned.  No, I need no assistance at this particular moment in time to overcome this apparent handicap.