Random thoughts for Tuesday Morning


It’s wet and cold and gloomy and icky bad out there this morning.  Welcome to November in central Minnesota.  It could be much worse.  We could be having that white stuff the Miss C., Wendy and Anna loves so well and I’ll be more than glad to let the three of them have my share for the coming months.  that’s me – a sharing kinda guy.

I’m so unmotivated this morning.  I have to conduct some training at 9 AM and I haven’t even looked at the materials.  It’s all good tho.  I just need an hour to go over the materials and we should be styling.

I have an attorney who is e-bombing me with one email after another.  The bad thing about it is everyone of them is a courtesy copy to me.  What’s that joke?  What do you call a bus load of attorneys going over a cliff?  A good beginning.

I finally got around to replacing my backup refrigerator.  They’re also gonna haul off that large boat anchor of a dead one when they deliver the new one.  I’m wondering just how many spiders I’ll find when I move out the old one so I can clean the area all up for the new one.  Spiders.  Ick!

I’m convinced most of us on WordPress have small, moderately successful blogs.  The hard part is defining “moderately successful”.  While I’m OK with the number of people following this, I wonder just how someone keeps up with all of the comments, likes, email notices, etc. from having 1,000 – 5,0000 followers.  That’s kinda like work isn’t it?  I thought the purpose of a blog was to have fun.  Silly me.

Yes, I am thru letting my brain wander around totally unsupervised at this particular moment in time.  I suppose that means I actually have to get back to work.