Monday Afternoon


I’m not sure I like this new WP look when creating a post.  Then again I realize that WP did not give me a vote on any changes that they wanted to make.  That’s how it goes when one has ultimate universal power.

In the meanwhile, Miss Lily is now usually found in front of the fireplace sucking up as much heat as she can.  I have no idea where Big Boy wandered off to because he’s usually found close by it as well.  It’s a hug plus up having this in the house.  I remember how cold and drafty the house that I grew in was and this thing heats the whole house. It helps make winters a tad more bearable around her.

Ugh!  I used that “w” word didn’t I?  I should warsh my mouth out with some soap.  I must have done lost my mind saying that word.

Monday Morning Musings

IMG_0002-XLOMG!  I can’t hardly believe that I still had these things in a closet.  I had forgotten all about boxing them up and putting them away when I terminated my landline service.  I wonder if they even work?  I wonder if the intercom feature still works?  I doubt it.  The batteries are probably long dead.  I can always take the batteries out and take them to get recycled so my gummys can play with them.  I think they’d get a bang out of playing with them.

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day for central Minnesota and now it’s all gloomy and grey out there.  The temps are still good but it’s supposed to rain later on today.  I’ll take the rain over that white stuff any day.

Mmmmmm!  Coffee!  The elixir of life.