Starbucks Coffee Cups

cupsSome people look at the cups and think that Christmas and the reason for the season is being marginalized.

Some look at the hoopla and think that someone is attempting to force something on them.

Me?  I look at the cups and think “And just how much for that cup with coffee in it?  OK, it’s hot water poured over beans and then there’s all this other fattening crap that’s in it.  An hour or so later you’re going to the bathroom because you’re peeing it out.  Tell me again just how much you spent for that red cup with coffee in it.”

I guess I’m not trendy or hip.  I guess I look at things way too simply.

5 Completely Useless Things About Me

Since I’m sitting here on a cold and dreary November morning without the faintest clues as far as what to post so I may as well throw this out at all ya’ll.

  1. I really hate cold weather.  Yeh I know I live in central Minnesota and what can anyone reasonably expect but I still hate the cold.
  2. I’m really not that smart.  I forgot to shut the bedroom door last night and Miss Lily woke me up three different times last night to make sure I was OK.  Was I smart enough to get up, chase her out and then close the bedroom door?  No.
  3. I’ve been watching “TWD” this season and keep wondering to myself “How in the hell did the people in Alexandria live this long?  None of them know anything about self defense or how to use a weapon.  Pitiful.”  Obviously none of them served day one in in uniform.
  4. I like being retired from the military but I still have issues with being back in the world.  I mean, who the hell is in charge out here?  We have way too many politicians running around and they are totally lacking in some adult supervision.  Who’s responsible for these people anyway?  Someone needs to gather them all back up and get them to do something … anything!  They can at least police some parking lots and some parks for trash, cigarette butts and assorted crap like that.
  5. I love coming home and finding packages from Amazon or someone like that.  It’s like Christmas morning to me.