Wednesday Evening

IMG_0006-LI just finished plugging in the Christmas lights on the roof and the big ol’ fat and extremely cold raindrops started to fall.  And when I mean cold I mean it was cold.  So I just packed it all in and called it a day.  We’ll finish up by Sunday.  I can get a lot done as long as Mother Nature cooperates and there isn’t any of that white stuff on the ground.

The wet pavement makes for interesting shadows when you shoot in B&W.  I have to keep refining shooting in the dark.

Happy Veterans Day Grandpa!

Fred & Porter GoudyMy Grandpa was like a lot of young men back in the day.  The US went to war and off he, his brothers and Grandma’s brothers went with thousands of other young men.  Grandpa joined the US Navy and served aboard the USS Great Northern during “The War to End All Wars“.  I’ve got a copy of his service record and I get a chuckle reading how much trouble he got into with the Navy.  Young men are always young men and it appears to me they were no different then any more than they are now.   Grandpa like the young ladies and he seemed to have a bit of a problem tearing himself away from them to return to the ship whenever he was on leave.  Returning late to the ship doesn’t sit well with the US Navy.

(oh, that’s my Grandpa on the right with my Great Uncle Fred on the left)

I grew up in southern Iowa where serving in the US military was viewed as a rite of passage for many young men.  There were a number of times the nuns would lead us grade school kids across the street to Central Park on Veteran’s Day to hear speeches from the mayor and witness the American Legion or the Veterans of Foreign Wars honor guards salute the guys still living and those who were dead.  Later after school, Mom would pile us all in her station wagon and off we would go to Grandma’s house to pick her up and take her to the cemetery so she could make sure Grandpa’s graves, his brother’s graves and her brother’s graves had flags on them.  Momma and my step Dad would always tend to that after Grandma died.  It was just one of those handed down traditions that passed from generation to generation.

They’re all gone now and all of us have moved away from home.  I don’t get back home any more for Veterans Day and I don’t get back very often since Momma died.  I always feel like a part of me is missing on this holiday because of that.