Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning

calvin_and_hobbes___dartsMy daughter asked me what I was going to do on Veterans Day and I told her work on the Christmas lights.  She asked why I wasn’t going out to enjoy some free stuff.  I told her that I preferred peace and quiet instead.  The good November weather doesn’t last long in central Minnesota.

It bothers me whenever someone say “Thank you for your service.”  I think “Where were you when I was in uniform?”  I would much rather they thank a WW2, Korean War or Nam vet instead.  I force a smile and keep my thoughts to myself.

I wonder if I can afford a trip to New Orleans next year?  I’ve got a couple thingees that take a much higher priority but it would still be nice to get out of town if it’s only for a week.

Brrrrrrrrrrrr!  I saw the long range weather forecast.  Anything below 65*F is cold as far as I’m concerned.  Except when it’s March in Minnesota.  Yeh, 45*F seems almost tropical after a long and cold winter.