Saturday Morning

IMG_0008-XLNow it’s cold.  I know it’s cold because my bird bath froze over last night.  It’s time to get out one of my Christmas light timers and plug my bird bath into it in so a skim of ice doesn’t form during the night.  It was quite a shocker this morning to see it.  That and to feel how cold the deck was on my bare feet.  That was quite a jolt to the old body to wake me up.  Even Miss Lily tried to sneak out on to the deck but suddenly changed her mind when that first paw hit the cold decking.  She quickly headed back inside where it was warm.

Everything is going to sleep around me.  My crab apple trees have no leaves left on them.  My little maple has been denuded of its leaves save a couple at the very top.  They won’t last very long.  Sooner or later a blast of cold Arctic wind will pull the last hold outs off the tree leaving the tree to look like a stick standing in the ground.  I’m getting closer to that white stuff and it’s not sitting well with me right now.  What we do know for sure is there aren’t any more 80* temps for us until next Spring.