Friday Musings

IMG_0006-XLIt looked like Grand Central Station out there this morning with all of the birds feeding at my feeders and taking a water break.  I’m going to have to get a book showing all of the different varieties of birds that I can see here in central Minnesota.  I’ve seen some today that I’ve never seen visit me to include a return of the Blue Jays.  Oh yeh, and now I have two male Cardinals wanting to hang out.  That was an interesting show to watch one trying to run off the other.  It should make for an interesting winter (knock on wood).

I’m killing some time before a staff meeting.  Staff meetings.  I live for them.  What better way to waste an hour of my day.  At least it’s pay day and I can make a run to the Best Buy for a new memory card for my camera.  Maybe something else there will intrigue me.