Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning

imageWhat a warm morning we’re having here.  It’ll be a shocker tomorrow when all of this turns around but I’ll gladly take whatever I’m given for today.  I dunno how one can look forward to what’s coming down the pike at us unless you’re really into outdoor activities during the cold months.  Not me.  I’ll stay indoors with the fireplace on.

Back to looking at lenses and a new camera.  There’s just too many lenses to pick and choose from and I can see how you can go broke by being addicted to them.  A camera lens is our version of crack.

My poor iPad.  I think I may end up going nuclear on it and completely reformat it.  I’ll hafta see what’s the best way to keep from losing my music without having to do a lengthy reload of all of it.

Our relocation is not looking good.  I keep reminding myself that I only need to worry about three days a week.  The rest I work from home.  It would be nice if I could work every day from home.  It would be even better if I could retire but I don’t see that option workable in the very near future.