Monday Musings

IMG_0005-XLIt was cold in the bedroom when I woke up this morning.  No, I didn’t want to get out of bed and leave the heated mattress.  Even Miss Lily, who was curled up on the foot of the bed, didn’t want to stir.  She just raised her head to look at me as if to say “Have you lost your mind?  Do you actually want to get out of this warm bed?”  I did anyway.

I checked the thermostat and then remembered that I had set it down to 62*.  I checked my iPhone to see what the temp was outside.  Brrr!  Yeh, November in central Minnesota is definitely here. A hot shower felt good other than I had to get out of it.  It’s sweater weather.

A flock of geese flew over as I was standing there sipping on my coffee and watching the sun rise.  I made a mental note to remember that I’m running out of good weather to get the last of my outdoor chores done before that nasty stuff arrives.  The one thing that I miss about hunting is getting outdoors and experiencing nature.  No worries.  I only shoot things with a camera now.

No commute Mondays are excellent!  It’s almost as good as the hot Kona that brewed up quick enough for me. Let’s see if I can stay busy today.