Hmmmmm …


And I have none of their albums.


Random Thoughts for Monday Morning


I like how they forgot how to drive in this stuff.  That and to remember to set their clocks to go off earlier so they can leave earlier.  The roads to downtown are gonna be so clogged.  I’m glad that I’m working from home today.  Backed up traffic like this is the reason why I leave so early in the morning.

The girls once again wanted to steal a bear from under the Christmas tree.  I let them take one to bed with them Saturday night but they couldn’t take it home.  Needless to say they were not too pleased with me when they went home.

Someone forgot to plug in the bird bath.  I have 4″ of snow piled up on it.

At least the snowblower fired up … and then quit … and then fired up once again … and quit again … and fired up yet again … and quit again … and then fired up one more time and stayed fired up as I pumped gas to it.  It was good to go after that.

Good bye green grass.  We’ll see you come April.



Art Sunday #51: Nils Kreuger – Varberg Autumn


Nils Edvard Kreuger (11 October 1858 – 11 May 1930) was a Swedish painter.

After studying at the Perséus school of painting, Nils Kreuger came to Paris in 1881. Under the influence of the French plein air style of painting he produced landscapes and cityscapes of Paris and its region, often at dawn or dusk, in the mist, rain or snow. In 1887 he returned home to Sweden and settled in Varberg, where he from 1893 painted together with Richard Bergh and Karl Nordström.


Random Thoughts for Friday Morning

IMG_0008-XLBrrr!  It was cold out there this morning. That is is was awfully cold at 7:00 AM.   It was a rather tropical -7C if you must know.  I’m sure Miss Anna or anyone else from a Nordic country is just shrugging their shoulders and thinking I’m a wimp.  I’m gonna build me a big house with a nice size sauna if I ever hit the lotto.  That will keep me warm.

Ugh!  Does my back hurt today.  That was too much standing around on a hard surface floor yesterday.  Now I have all of these leftovers to get rid of.  At least they left me a whole pumpkin pie.

My pumpkins are finally gone.  OK, I really had no choice in the matter.  One froze last night and collapsed in.  It’s hard to believe they’ve lasted since before Halloween.  Wow!  Halloween.  Where did the time go since then?

My Christmas present to myself this year will be a new battery for my Mac.  What I have isn’t lasting too long nowadays.  It’s over 4 years old anywho and is due to be replaced.  Maybe I can get that wide angle lens as well.