Friday Musings

IMG_0010-XLI love Halloween.  It has such great candy associated with it.  We’re just not gonna tell my dentist that I’m chewing on some Milk Duds.  That would go over like a lead balloon with her.

Minnesota.  Don’t like the weather?  Just wait a while and it will change.  It did.  Ugh!  We were supposed to have sun today and thru the weekend.  It’s cold and grey instead.

Boogie won’t be around tomorrow night to watch “Nosferatu” with me.  I so hate seeing traditions end.  I’ll sit in the dark with my hot buttered popcorn and watch it all by my onesy.  The plus up is I’ll be out and about tomorrow night with my gummys as they plunder and get loot.

I wish the sun would come out soon so the gummys can go swishing their feet thru the leaves.  There’s something about making a pile of leaves and playing around with them.