Monday Morning Musings

b1096e8ea784b178f74c1cc1e8824143Monday again.  The weekend goes by way too quick.  At least I’m now working from home on Mondays.  That’s two days a week that I’m not messing in commuter traffic on the way home.

Wow!  Glenn was all chomped up on “TWD” last night.  I didn’t see that coming.  I wonder how Rick is gonna get out of his predicament?  You know he will.  The show’s over if he’s all chomped up.

It’s Brrrrrrr! out there this morning.  Wet and cool.  Not a good combination.  Gotta stay warm today.

I need to scan up a pic of me for our Veterans Day thingee.  I have very few pics of me in uniform left, so the selection choice won’t be too terribly difficult.