yeh, it’s Fall

IMG_0001-XLIt’s definitely autumn around this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  It’s wet out there, the rain is doggone bone chilling cold and all of the cold night air is killing my plants.  I think it’s a market run day and a bread baking evening.

Friday Morning Musings

IMG_0002-XLA couple more milestones have passed to remind me that the “S&C” is right around the corner.  I’ll use “S&C” because I can’t bring myself to say those two nasty words.  And “NO” I really don’t want you to type them for me.  I know what they are; I’m just not mentally ready for them.

So my herbs are brought inside a little worse for wear but recovering nicely.  My thyme got a bit of a frosting the other day but the warmth of the house and the grow lamp is helping it along.  One of the yard guys is here to blow out my lawn sprinkler system and get it ready for the winter.  That shouldn’t take too much time.  That just leaves some more yard clean up for me to do.  I’m in no hurry to finish that.  It will all get done in due time.

We have a nice, cold Autumn rain going on here.  It’s one of those rains where it chills to the bone.  I turned the fireplace on to take the nip out of the air in the house since I didn’t want to fire up the furnace.  The cats are enjoying it.  It casts a nice orange glow across the room.

I’m so not mentally ready for what’s coming.