Some Random Thoughts for Hump Day

untitledThere are times when I wish that Congress would pass a law that would allow us a hunting season on politicians and certain Government employees.  It would certainly make things more efficient.  In the meanwhile, I guess the Minneapolis Police would frown upon me killing a couple people that are pretty much useless wastes of employment.

Ahhh!  I just love that magic moment early in the morning when someone comes into my office to complain about their supervisor.  I gotta find that sign that’s hanging somewhere that reads “Go to Jim’s office to complain.”

I love warm weather.  It was still warm out this morning.  It was trying to rain and it’s still trying to rain but it’s still warm out there.  I shudder when I think of what’s in store for me in the very near future.

I miss living much further south of here and the long Autumns that we had.  I miss going to an apple orchard to pick apples and some Fall pears.  I miss the smell of burning leaves.  I miss raking up a big pile of leaves and jumping in them or burying myself in them.  I miss the feeling of sitting on a tractor and helping with the harvest.  I miss breathing in the crisp Autumn air during the harvest.  I miss how cold and refreshing the well water tasted when I stopped to get a drink.

Back to the real world now …