Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning

imageHow did we get on the subject of spiders this early in the morning?  Oh yeh, some ginger haired lady brought it up.  Mmmmm!  Ginger hair.  That gets my heart going pitty pat.  Well an actual breathing woman breathing gets my heart going pitty pat … but that’s another story.

I’m loving our recent weather that we’ve been having.  I know it won’t last long, so I’m taking advantage of it here and now.  My peonies, hydrangeas and my last two tomato plants are all cut back for the year.  That just leaves my trimming back some other plants and bushes and then hauling it all off to the compost yard.

I’m still unmotivated at work.  At least coffee helps.

I’m gonna have guests this coming Saturday.  I think we’ll turn the garden bed while they’re here.  They’ll like digging for worms anyway.

Back to the spiders.