Monday Morning

MjAxMy0wOWRkYTg0YWFkMjFhMDIw_51ff0fa048c1cBack to the grind.  You work all year to go on vacation and it’s all over in a blink of an eye.  That’s sad.  Oh well. C’est la vie.  Now to just get some motivation going so I can catch back up to the rest of the world.  My work email wasn’t too bad and fortunately this is our slow time of year, so there isn’t too many things pressing and screaming for my immediate attention from what I can see.

A plus up is the weather is warming slightly for this week.  I’m not getting my hopes up.  This is central Minnesota after all.  It will be a good week to get some outside work done after work.

3 responses to “Monday Morning

  1. The gummies will want Christmas presents from Grandpa. That is your motivation for now. And you have to save more money for another trip at some point, so that should motivate you for all of next year 🙂 Stay warm lil brother ~

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