Sunday Morning

IMG_0099-XLI’m so not ready to go back to work.  Work.  That’s a topic that I discussed with several people when I was a quarter of the world away.  When do I want to pull the eject handle and go?  I wouldn’t mind going now if I could afford it but alas that’s not going to happen for a while.  I hate it when economics and the ability to pay bills wins out over wanting to play whenever I feel like it.  Sometimes I hate being an adult.

IMG_0157-XLOh well.  I get to go with my gummys today to get a couple pumpkins for Halloween.  One more day of goofing off and then it’s back to work with buttoning up my place for the winter.  We had a good year for gardening and big plans for expanding next year.  I’m hoping I don’t have a long 5 months of ice and cold.

14 responses to “Sunday Morning

  1. Well I tried for years to be your sugar mama, but you weren’t having it so off to work you go tomorrow 😀 Just a few more years and maybe you can retire. That’s what ya get for still being young….

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  2. No ones tells you about the bills that comes with adulthood in the childhood. Or at least you didn’t get the boring things with bills when you’re a child wanting to grow up. Lovely photos.