Art Sunday #45: Diego Velazquez – Old Woman Frying Eggs

VELÁZQUEZ_-_Vieja_friendo_huevos_(National_Galleries_of_Scotland,_1618._Óleo_sobre_lienzo,_100.5_x_119.5_cm)Old Woman Frying Eggs is a genre painting by Diego Velazquez, produced during his Seville period.  The date is not precisely known but is thought to be around the turn of 1618 before his definitive move to Madrid in 1623. It is now in the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh.  Velázquez frequently used working-class characters in early works like this one, in many cases using his family as models; the old woman here also appears in his Christ in the House of Martha and Mary (1618).


Sunday Morning

IMG_0099-XLI’m so not ready to go back to work.  Work.  That’s a topic that I discussed with several people when I was a quarter of the world away.  When do I want to pull the eject handle and go?  I wouldn’t mind going now if I could afford it but alas that’s not going to happen for a while.  I hate it when economics and the ability to pay bills wins out over wanting to play whenever I feel like it.  Sometimes I hate being an adult.

IMG_0157-XLOh well.  I get to go with my gummys today to get a couple pumpkins for Halloween.  One more day of goofing off and then it’s back to work with buttoning up my place for the winter.  We had a good year for gardening and big plans for expanding next year.  I’m hoping I don’t have a long 5 months of ice and cold.