Wednesday Morning

imageI love spam emails.  I received one this morning threatening that they had my email addy from Ashley Madison and my info for Facebook.  I needed to send them money via Bitcoins or they would publically shame me to all of my Facebook friends, family, relatives, cats, dogs, etc.

Gee!  Wow!  Oh what am I supposed to do???  Oh wait.


I don’t have a dog for that matter either.  I just knew there was a reason I was not on Facebook.  Shame away booger!  Knock yourself out!  That email went away when I hit the “Delete” button.

My life is so boring.  I so wanna be a ninja like Mister Opinionated Man.  It would give me a reason to dress up in all black and look sexy and exotic for the ladies.  Unfortunately at my age I would more than likely be confused with a Johnny Cash impersonator instead of a stealthy ninja dude throwing pointy stars and flashing around some really cool swords and doing some really acrobatic ninja moves and letting loose with some really scary ninja sounds.  But in hindsight, my back more than likely couldn’t take any more of those stealthy ninja moves like I did yesterday morning.  I let loose a couple scary sounds this morning when I got out of bed.  Oh wait.  Those were groans.

It’s hell getting old.