Tuesday Morning

yhst-94387763560218_2268_300202806I hate those nights when  you have one weird dream after another and then you wake up wondering what the hell you were dreaming about.  The one that I vividly remember was I was someone’s dog.  I have no clue what the hell that dream was all about or what it meant or what it was suppose to mean.  I’m sure one of you psych majors can tell me what it means or you know someone who is a psych major.  All I know it was one weird ass dream.

Oh yeh … and someone who shall remain nameless forgot to set their alarm clock last night.  I leapt up outa that bed like a Ninja.  Mr. Opinionated Man woulda been proud of the ninja moves that I made to get in the bathroom.  The down side is I think I twisted my back just a tad.  It’s hell getting old.

And for the record, I did make it to work on time.