Saturday Morning

IMG_0004-XLI’m sitting here enjoying my Saturday morning coffee as the sun rises.  You don’t want to know what the temperature is outside right now.  I didn’t want to know but I looked anywho.  It’s 36*F out there right now.  That makes it a what?  A rather tropical 2C?  At least there is no frost that I can see.

I’m playing with the manual settings on my camera seeing what the different settings do and how it creates.  This one turned out OK but in all truthfulness it was one picture in 10 that I kept.  The rest I deleted off of the memory card.  That’s the beauty of having a digital camera.  You can and delete all of the pictures that you could ever want.

It’s quiet outside.  The breeze is just now starting to pick up.  A big flock of Canada geese passed by a while ago.  Miss Lily jumped into the bay window to see what all the noise was as they passed by.  She hunkered down, jumped down and then ran off when she saw what it was.  She must have thought that the geese would eat her or something.

Back to the coffee.  It’s warm and tastes good.  I’m thinking about what I need to get done between now and next Wednesday evening.  The list isn’t too long so it’s manageable.

It’s time to feed the cats and get a refill.