Friday Morning

IMG_0004-XLThere should be frost on the pumpkins this morning.  I don’t know why there isn’t but just just isn’t any frost out there.  I went upstairs to get another cup of coffee and there was a beautiful morning sky as the sun is now starting to rise in this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.

I had to be high enough to capture it, so I took out one of the screens and cranked out one of the bay windows.  And then I got hit with a blast of air.  OMG was it cold!  I got a couple shots in and buttoned everything back up.  I came back down to my office to upload the shots and I checked to see what the temp was out there.

It was 32 friggen degrees out there.  That would be a rather balmy 0*C for the rest of the world.  Didn’t Al Gore promise us global warming?  I want my global warming!  Ugh!  Summer weather is so gone for us now.