Thursday Night

IMG_0005-XLI went outside after some supper to check on a couple things and to water my herbs.  I stepped out across the yard in my bare feet to check on my burning bushes to see if they’re changing colour.  The deck boards were cool but the grass was cold on my bare feet.  Ice cold.  We’re done with walking around in bare feet for this year.  It felt good to get back inside so my feet could warm up.  It’s amazing that I had the central air going just a week or so ago and now I have the furnace going on during the night now.  That reminds me that I have to check the control box for my fireplace to make sure it has fresh batteries for this coming season.

Thursday Morning Musing

funny-blog-1-320x400I have a small and obscure blog on WP with a small but loyal following.  “Small” by WP standards that is.  And now I’m sure someone is thinking that I’m whining or complaining but I’m not.  What I stated is just fact and it’s that way for whatever reasons right, wrong or indifferent.  And it’s all good regardless of whatever reason that it’s a small and obscure blog.  And it looks like I’m in good company based upon my observations of other blogs here on WP.  Small blogs appear to me to actually be the norm around here.

But I bring the above out because I lost yet another follower.   Having a small blog means you have a more intimate blog.  You come to know the people that routinely follow you versus having one of them huge blogs with thousands of followers.  So when I lose a follower I tend to wonder what’s up with them leaving.  Maybe I read too much into it.  Blogging is not a new experience to me since I’ve had numerous blogs on other blogging sites.  I know the very nature of a blog will in fact produce turnover of people who are following you one moment and then not following you later on.  So I don’t count the departures based upon a couple hundred leaving each week or each month but by the ones and twos that leave.  I kind of view it like losing a friend and I wonder if others with similar small blogs feel or think along these lines as well.

So we keep on posting entries and thoughts and whatever happens to pass thru my lil’ pea brain at a particular moment in time.  My morning coffee is going down nice and easy this morning.  None of my creative juices are flowing at this moment but I’m sure they’ll kick in around 2:00 in the afternoon.  The problem is which afternoon will they kick in.