The boys at work wanna wish all you ladies a happy September.


And they know you want some eye candy to get you ready for the Fall.  I just bet you are all just one big bunch of happy ladies now.


Wednesday Morning

imageIt rained enough to water my lawn and garden so I didn’t have to.  And it was a warm rain for Minnesota which I thought was quite odd since most rains that have experienced here are cold rains.  It reminded me of the summer rains that we had down home when I was a kid growing up.  The only thing missing was looking out the back door and seeing corn fields.

But that’s OK.  We move on with life and experience new things..  I still like how the light reflects off the streets when it rains and when it’s dark outside.  Sometimes the pavements shines like gold and sometimes it shines like silver.  It still reflects in different patterns and in different ways.  Maybe I’d a tad bit odd but I like the illusions that it creates.  And once again it rained and I forgot my camera at home.  Sooner or later I’m going to remember it some morning so I can capture the shot in black & white.