Random Thoughts for Wednesday Night

Funny-squirrelI think there’s some communication going around the squirrel circles that it’s Survivor Minnesota in my backyard.  I have one that runs across the top of the berm as quick as it can to get to the other side.  It doesn’t linger long in my yard.

It was a long day at work today.  It’s over which was the absolute best part of it.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

This morning brought some really cool temps to wake up to.  It made for some really good sleeping weather tho.  Fall has definitely settled in around this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.

I can’t believe it took me all day to do this post.  I am like mentally fried today.


Tuesday Morning Coffee

snoopy-leaf-pile1It was cool out there when I did the morning commute thingee.  It was jacket cool.  And where was mine?  Oh at work where I left it.  So on went the zipper hoodie.  hey, it gets you from Point A to Point B and keeps ya warm.  Styling and GQ points don’t matter to a hill of beans at 4:30 AM when warmth does.

I just have to survive today and tomorrow and our end of fiscal year effort is over.  Done.  Finished.  Completed. Killed.  Dead.  I can’t wait.  This month has been one long ass month and the only really good thing about it is vacation time is closer.  Ten more days and I’m on a plane for Amsterdam and then to Zurich.  I can’t hardly wait.  I have to make the most of this year’s vacation since I  won’t be traveling overseas next year which means I have to start planning where I want to go in in 2017.

In the mean while, let’s get thru the week and to the weekend.  I’m wondering when the leaves will start changing in mass.  We have a few trees that are teasing us with their crimsons and oranges and yellows but most are still green.  I’m really hoping that I don’t miss the prime colour time for around here.

Monday Morning

imageAwww Fall weather!  Wet and with leaves starting to fall off the trees.  Well they are in downtown Minneapolis and it’s not all of the trees; just a select type.  This front is to blow past before nightfall, so I’m good with that.  But it does have me hankering for some Fall comfort food.  I’ll have to stop by the market and see what they have and take it from there.

It’s been one of those days where one problem follows another followed by another and then followed by another.  They’re nothing major mind you.  They’re just more annoying than anything else.  They’re kinda like this splinter that I have in my finger.  It’s a nuisance but nothing that will stop me from getting things done.

Sunday Morning

IMG_0012-XLI figure I have about another 45 minutes before I have to get all clean and sparkley and smelling good.  There is an outing to an apple farm on today’s schedule.  It’s unplanned of course.  I got the call late last night wanting to know if I wanted to go.  Silly question.

So it meant an early rise this morning so I could have my morning coffee.  It’s quiet out there.  The geese are flocking up more and the bean fields are really going to town changing colour.  We’re rapidly approaching harvest time around the part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  That just means that I’m even more closer to heading out on vacation.  It will be Halloween before I know it.

Art Sunday #43: Eero Jarnefelt – Lake Shore with Reeds

Järnefelt_Kaislikkoranta_1905Erik (Eero) Nikolai Järnefelt (8 November 1863, Vyborg – 15 November 1937, Helsinki), was a Finnish painter and art professor. He is best known for his portraits and landscapes of the area around Koli National Park.

Lake Shore with Reeds was painted in the artist’s new home district on the shore of lake Tuusulanjärvi. A dry but cloudy day has turned into a meditative picture in which the landscape elements that seem Spartan to begin with create a rich texture: the land, water and air – fixed and shapeless, cold and warm colours – are partly clearly delineated and partly merge into each other.

Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eero_J%C3%A4rnefelt and http://archive.artsmia.org/mirror-of-nature/nordic-art-detail.cfm?nor_art_cat=106&lng=0

Saturday Afternoon

IMG_0004-XLIt’s a nice, warm Fall Saturday and I’m loving it.  College football is on the tube and I have most of my Saturday chores done.  All that’s left is to deadhead some mums but that can wait until later.  No gummys this weekend tho.  Mom and Dad have other plans, so it’s real quiet around here.

My tomato plants are almost done.  I’m estimating that I have until my vacation start time before they’re really done.  Removing them from the bed can wait until after I get back tho.  I’m in no hurry for that but Halloween decorations are something to start thinking about.

Friday Afternoon Thoughts

IMG_0003-XLThe leaves are teasing me today.  It’s normal.  The crab apple tends to lose its leaves sooner that the other tress in the area.  It gets my hopes up for cooler weather, crisp air, football and food with apples in it.  I’m just weird that way I guess.  Maybe it’s what I remember as a young hooligan from Iowa.

A few more days of warm weather and then the temps start to head south.  “South” s in “nothing higher than 70*F”.  A few more days of faux summer and then we start to settle into October and atypical October weather for central Minnesota.  The weather here is not like the Fall weather that I knew as a kid.  It’s not better than here; it’s just different.  Different and it hangs on longer.

But it’s OK.  The weather down there doesn’t compare to the weather around here and it’s with far fewer bugs.