Month: August 2015

Why are rain coats yellow?

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raincoatAny more questions???


Monday Morning

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imageThe weather is beautiful this morning.  It’s one of those mornings where I wish I was enjoying my morning coffee on my deck versus sitting in my office and looking out the window.  The morning air was cool considering just how warm it’s supposed to get today.  I had to turn my central air on yesterday to take the edge off of the humidity and heat in the house.  No worries.  There’s only a week or two of weather like that left for here during this time of year.

Another August is almost gone.  Where does the time go?  At least college football has started and it really ramps up come Saturday.  Yeh, I’m one of those that can sit my backside at 11:00 AM and watch college ball all day.  What can I say?  It’s a weakness.  At least I don’t do it on Sundays as well.  There are chores that have to get done and they’re not gonna get done by themselves.

They made lotsa promises to the kids that grew up in the 50’s and the 60’s.

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audi-calamaro-concept-flying-car-798x350They said we’d have flying cars in the 21st century.  I’ll take mine like this.

I’m trying to motivate myself.

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IMG_0001-XLIt’s not working out so great tho.  I should be up and moving and getting my morning chore done but I much rather sit here and sip on some coffee and listen to the birds sing.  The two cardinals have become regular guests at the sunflower seed feeder so hopefully they will stick around this winter like the chickadees.  It would be nice to capture the crimson of the male on a snowy background.  Everything that I’ve read so far says they will keep coming back as long as there is food and water to be found.  I’m glad I bought that heated bird bath last winter.  I’m hoping I have a good combination for this winter.  At least the chickadees will be around.