Hidden Treasures


Some hidden treasures for me are …

Sunlight streaming through my front window.  I love sunlight and blue skies.

Reaching in a coat pocket or pants pocket and discovering some hidden money that I left in there and forgot about.

Reaching inside my day bag and finding a reminder of a perfect day that I had back in 2008.

Finding drawings that my grands did when they were here on a visit and left behind for me.  I love these little pieces of found art.

Finding the first berries on my strawberry plants.  I was really worried the transplanting would kill them.

Looking out my patio door to see Mr. Red Cardinal feeding at my bird feeder.  And then seeing his girl friend show up too.

Getting a notice that someone new is following.  I don’t gain massive numbers of followers like some of you but those that do follow are the bomb to me.

Looking at the art and photos that people post here.  It’s fascinating to me to see other people’s perspective or to see them share how they view their part of the world.

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