Tuesday Night

I hate these times when I feel like I have nothing to say.  Words escape me and it’s hard for anything to come out of my pea brain.  I somehow manage to pound out a few sentences with this keyboard.  But it’s quiet tonight and it reflects the mood that I’ve been in for the past couple of nights.  I’m content with sitting back and watching the birds at the feeders and spending some time weeding my garden.  There’s a cool breeze tonight and I shut the AC off.  We shall see what the morning brings.


Now that I have that out of the way …

funny-Minion-awake-MondayI have no clue where the past 3 hours have gone.  Office politics are really heating up this week and they were getting out of control last week.  It’s got me acting all weird and stuff like that and I hate that.  Think God I can just close my door, put my phone on “Do Not Disturb” and ignore the knuckleheads even if I only get a brief respite from them.

I keep reading about Greece and how its economy is going in the toilet.  Yanno, being at a Greek Island may be a pretty good bargain in the future.

Sunday Morning

IMG_0004-XLSunday mornings are made for sitting and sipping away on a cup of coffee.  At least they are in this house.  I’m just killing some time before I have to run off and get clean and sparkley and smelling good.  I have visitors coming today for Sunday dinner and the house will be smelling like a garlic beef roast come the afternoon.

In the mean while, the battle of wills continues with me and Mr. Squirrel.  The doggone thing is getting awfully bold and brave and doesn’t run away from me as fast as it used to.  Mr. Squirrel is gonna get the ol’ schnitzola sooner or later.

Art Sunday #30: Hans Holbein the Elder – The Dormition of the Virgin

Hans_Holbein_the_Elder_-_The_Dormition_of_the_Virgin_-_Google_Art_ProjectHans Holbein the Elder (c. 1460 – 1524) was a German painter.  Holbein painted richly colored religious works. His later paintings show how he pioneered and led the transformation of German art from the (Late) International Gothic to the Renaissance style.  In addition to the altar paintings that are his principal works, he was a woodcut artist, an illustrator of books, and a church window designer; he also made a number of portrait drawings that foreshadow the work of his famous son, Hans Holbein the Younger.

Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Holbein_the_Elder

Saturday Night

IMG_0005-XLI had a chance today to finally work on my roses.  It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with them and it shows.  I’m not too pleased with myself nor the bed that the occupy.  I need to tidy things up a bit.

So we started with tying the plants up to get them under control.  I had three leftover tomato plant cages and I thought that they would make for some pretty good frames to contain the bushes.  And actually they worked out really good after I broke the welds on a couple of the rings and then shortened the prongs.

It’s too late to try this on two of my reds so I’ll just have to wait until next season for those unless I want to trim back what I have.  That’s an option and I’ll mull that around a little longer before I commit to it.  One thing is for sure, I’ll have to rake up all of the old red cypress mulch and replace it with new.  I hate thinking that these ladies are less than showing their best side to their public.