IMG_0091-XLWhat to write today.  I hate it when I have vapor lock of the brain.  Nothing flows out or makes much sense.  I start and then everything comes to a crashing halt.  Just like right now.  Ugh!

It was time to till one garden bed and add a couple bags of compost with cow manure.  I had some thoughts running thru my head of what my grands would be saying if they knew the compost had cow poop in it. “Ewwww!  Gross!” is what they’d be saying.  We won’t tell them what’s in that dirt come time to plant seeds and other plants.  But it’s rich and black now and I should have some great plant growth this year.  I should be able to do some transplanting next weekend with any luck.`

So with that, we’ll let our mind go back to Rouen and to the Big Mac that we had there.  It was different which is about all I’ll say about that.  And it was good for a laugh.  Who travels to France to go to Mickey Dee’s?    Bloody tourist.

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  1. You could go to the local zoo and buy some zoo doo. It has elephant, rhino and other animal poo in it… they might like that better.