What a difference a couple hours makes

IMG_0001-XLYou can’t tell that “S” stuff was flying around here this morning.  This is one of the reasons this neck of the 100 Acre Wood makes me crazy at times.

It’s warm.  No, it’s cold.  It’s warm again.  No, it’s cold again.  We have blue skies.  Now it’s snowing!  We have blue skies again.  Let’s snow some more!

I hate March and April in Minnesota.  It can’t make up its mind what it’s gonna do here any more than a man can.


14 thoughts on “What a difference a couple hours makes

  1. Minnesota or Minne-snow-ta, we still have snow here in Maine. Every day. Even if it’s not snowing, it doesn’t entirely disappear until right before Summer.


    • I had the same experienced when I was stationed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Winter came early and stayed and stayed and stayed. a heat wave up there was 90*.

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