So another dazzling day comes to an end.

IMG_0002-XLIt’s just another one of those fascinating days for a south metro urbanite.  Yanno, I can’t hardly contain myself with all of the excitement around my place.  First, there’s no snow.  Second, we had warm weather again.  Third, the President is still alive and healthy so thank the Gods Joe Biden is only the Vice President and not the President.  I mean I can’t hardly ask for any more than this.  Can it possibly get any better than this??

Well, it would definitely be a plus up to my day if the Swedish Bikini Team came to visit me; but somehow I just don’t think that’s ever gonna happen.  But one can dream can’t they?  Or maybe this is a fantasy???  OK, maybe it’s just some damn wishful thinking from an old guy.  Ugh!

Regardless, I finished with the first part of the cage for the new bed.  That sucker is screwed down tight.  I defy any squirrel around these parts to try to wiggle under this.  Nope, nope, nope.  Aint gonna happen!  What amazed the hell outa me was the damn thing actually fit right and it came out square.  One would think that there might be a slight chance that I actually knew what I was doing.  It’s pretty cool how I faked out a number of people, huh?

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