October Night 2011



End of April

So I’m at an end to another April.  At least this one is ending well and I have no complaints about it.  My crab apples are ready to blossom and show my their flowers.  This year I get to enjoy them for the full season unlike last year when I was gone for a week.  Hopefully my lilacs made it thru the cold spell we had last week and will have some flowers.

Spring time in southern Iowa meant lots of tulips, lilacs and violets coming into bloom.  We could always find wild violets growing.  All we had to do was find run off water coming up out of the ground like a spring.  Lilacs were so easy to find since so many people had them growing in some many different places.  One lady used to have these huge lilac bushes that would just explode with blooms.  There were so many flowers that you could smell the lilacs from a block away.

I used to love to stop and smell them and then pick a few to take home to Momma.  Momma loved the smell and the look of lilacs too.  And she loved how we would bring home a hand full of flowers for her kitchen window.  God, between them and her cooking the kitchen always smelled so nice around supper time.

“Spammer Man” (sung to the tune of “Macho Man” by the Village People)

Spammer, spammer man
I gots to be a spammer man!
Spammer, spammer man
I’ve got to be a spammer!

“Yes” I’m old and just showed my age, but I don’t care. It’s called the “Seniority Rule” which translates to “I’m senior, so I make the rules” There are definite advantages to getting old Mr. Ninja.

Now, relax and get back up on the roof to clean some gutters. Don’t forget the ladder!

A Tag 9 Question Challenge

IMG_0052-XLI got the challenge glove laid upon me by “The Ugly Duckling’s Life” and I promised that I would do this after I got off work today.  It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, so let’s see if I can remember how to do these.  come to think of it, I think I owe the “Next Generation Farm Girl” something along this line too.

1.  What’s your definition of beauty?  Holding a baby in your arms for the first time.  Having one of my grands fall asleep in my lap.  Holding my Mother’s hand after she had her stroke and seeing a smile come across her face.  A sunset in the desert of Kuwait.  Seeing someone smile when I chat with them.  Helping to place US flags at the graves of veterans.  Watching the stars come out at night.  Walking along a beach as the sun sets.

2.  Have you ever changed your appearance or personality when meeting someone new?  Nah.  I’m a WYSIWYG kinda guy.  But I do clean up kinda sorta OK.

3.  When’s the last time you dedicated your time to do homework, project, etc?  I haven’t had homework since I graduated in with my BS degree in 2000.  But I always have some project that I’m working on around my place.  I just finished building two raised garden beds for my backyard.

4.  What’s your fears?  Did you overcome those fears?  No.  I sometimes have images and memories that go thru my head that I sooner forget.

5.  What’s the appropriate age to marry someone you love?  Initially I would have said “any time” but I think that’s a lie.  Everyone is different and I missed out on so much when I was in my early 20’s.  I would have waited until later if I had to live that part of my life over again.

6.  Have you ever done anything extreme over the years?  Define “extreme”.  I’ve done some things that as made me wonder why I made certain life choices.  But that was after the fact of course.

7.  List your dream team.  (Put together 5 celebrities, athletes, fictional characters, etc that you would like to see or work with some day)  Hmmmm.  I have no use for celebrities or athletes.  Fictional characters mean nothing to me.  I do know a number of friends (more than 5) who died that I would like to see once again however.

8.  Have you or someone ever stood up to someone?  Oh yeh.  650,000 of us stood up all at the same time to someone.

9.  What’s the most difficult decision you had to make?  To take my Mother off of life support and not prolong her suffering.  No one else would make the decision and I had the POA.  It haunts me to this day.

OK, there you have it sports fans.

I’m from the Government and I’m here to help!

Something no one ever believed. How can I be surrounded by all of these college educated people who can’t follow basic instructions? I mean, some even have a law school background! Oh. That was my first mistake. College educated Government employees.

This nation is doomed I tell you. The only real downside is most of the zombies in the upcoming zombie apocalypse will be former Government employees. Which doesn’t say much since I think most are zombies already. It’s too bad I can’t go “Walking Dead” on them and remove a problem. Yeh, I’m sure the Minneapolis police would have a slight problem with that.

Then again … maybe they wouldn’t.

Random Thoughts on Tuesday Afternoon

IMG_0042-XLIt’s well above freezing today and that’s all I care about.  I know you may think that this statement may sound a tad silly but “Yes” weather around this part of the 100 Acre Wood can get a bit freaky.  I called the Winter of 2012 – 2013 “The Winter That Doesn’t Want To End“.  Yes, it did snow here in early May of 2013.

Somehow I ended up following more blogs than what follows me and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  On one hand I follow what I like to read.  On the other hand I think it’s fair to pay attention to one’s follower’s first.  Maybe my thinking is slightly skewed on this subject.  We will wait until the weekend to see if I want to do a little bit of housekeeping or not.

Ugh!  I get to see the dentist on Friday for one of my twice a year visits.  God, I hate getting my teeth cleaned.  She tells me not to use anything sharp on my teeth and what do her dental techs use?  Sharp instruments.  I could have sworn I saw some of them on display at the Salzburg Fortress museum in the area where they displayed all of the Medieval torture devices.  I’m gonna make the front desk ladies give me a token so I can get a prize out the toy dispensing machines.

God, I hate these nights when I don’t know what I wanna fix for dinner and I don’t feel like cooking.  Pizza doesn’t sound very good.  Maybe this is a Chinese food night.

I’m sitting here listening to the kids in the neighborhood playing outside and a mourning dove cooing in one of the trees.  Man, are those ever some nice sounds.  But one of the sounds that I really miss is laying in bed listening to the sounds of trains running thru town like back home.  I miss that “clacking” sound as the cars go over the railroad crossings and the sounds of the engines as they pulled the line of cars up the hills beside Rutledge Road.  I used to fall asleep at night listening to those sounds.

It’s way too early for this kinda nonsense

I love it. Road rage at 4:19 AM this morning. OMG! That’s not even “Minnesota Nice” (whatever the hell that is cuz I haven’t seen it here in the cities). LOL! It was comical to watch it from behind and watch it all play out. People need to get a life. That’s way too early in the morning for that sort of nonsense and before morning coffee too??? One of them even flipped me the “You’re #1” finger at me when I drove past them. They must have thought I was the other clown. LOL. Too funny.

Oh well. Hopefully that’s my comedy for the day. In the meanwhile I sit here with a cuppa elixir of life sitting on my desk and giggle over the knuckleheads we have around this part of the 100 Acre Wood. I know I moved here for some reason. What was it???

Oh yeh … people here are supposed to be nice.