So where were we?

IMG_0002-XLInterrupted by the white stuff that fell out of the sky I think.  Where were we?  Spring I think.  Or at the very least we were trying to reach some degree of Spring after several months of white and grey and cold and ice.  Yeh, that gets real old after a couple months of it.

But it’s still all good because my lily opened and the cats have been leaving it alone.  And I’m actually surprised that my black and white tuxedo tabby, Miss Lily, hasn’t been checking it out.  She is one that does like to check out flowers and one set of orchids that I had still had pollen which stained her white nose yellow.

The weather forecast looks good, so I’ll go back to thinking about my garden for this year.  Yeh we have a coating of this white stuff on the ground but it won’t last long.  It never does this time of year.  It’s just a bunch of frozen water and Lord knows we need the moisture.