Friday Musings

IMG_0004-XLI loved my new commute on Fridays.  I start in the kitchen and walk myself downstairs to my office and work from there.  No crazy drivers and no stop n’ go traffic on the way home.  I love it.  And I had lunch at a great place – Cafe’ Jim.  There wasn’t a wide selection on the menu by the atmosphere was awesome.

My friend in Georgia wanted to see the finished product on my new garden beds.  The one will look much better once the weather warms up enough where I can get some flowers in it.  I’ve decided I’ll put in a twin to match.  I’ll have my grands help me do some planting sometime next month.  The other bed is where I’ll transfer my strawberries once the weather warms.  It will give me time to work on the screen top.

Yeh, I’m a rebel.  I don’t do “Throwback Thursdays”.  I do “Throwback Saturdays” and post music from back in the day.