Millions of Brackets Busted in Less Than 5 Hours

635623705095382962-466879208That’s what I read on Yahoo Sports.  Ugh!  The one time when I support that other university over in Ames and it’s crash & burn time for me.  My brackets are so hosed now.  I’ll never make it big in Vegas at this rate.  Well, maybe I will.  I’ll be the guy on the end of the buffet line asking:

Would you like some roast beef or some ham?  Both?  Sure.  No problem lady.

No, I’m not a professional blogger or whatever they’re called.

calvin-naked1Nah, that’s not me.  I think in order to be a professional blogger one has to be able to think up something that is witty, funny, maybe profound and full of deep thought and wisdom.  That aint me.  I’ve too many thoughts that keep running into one another and then it just turns my lil’ pea brain to mush and nothing comes out right or I end up with vapor lock of the brain.

But when I think of professional blogging I think of “Sex in the City” and yeh I liked watching that show on HBO and now on other channels since it’s in syndication.  Yeh, I liked that show mainly ‘cuz of the ladies on the show which is OK because I happen to like to look at mature ladies.  But I digress from my point since now I’m thinking about Samantha.

My point is Sarah Jessica Parker’s character always had something witty and profound to write about and she had a really cool title to her blog.  I couldn’t think of something that witty or profound.  I’d end up with something like “Dances in Underwear” or maybe “Definitely Dazed and Confused“.  But it really doesn’t matter because I’m now once again thinking about Samantha.

Yeh, it was a long day at work.  Don’t I have some chores to do?  My apologies to his holiness the Pope in Rome.  Life is short.  Live hard, play hard and run nekkid if you have to.

becaus e