In betweens

i-wkSM83w-XLWe have a severe case of the “in betweens” going on around this neck of the 100 Acre Forest.  We’re in between Winter and Spring.  We’re in between warm weather and sliding back into something that I really don’t wanna think about.  Winter can come early and stay long around here and I’d just as soon as it stayed gone for a while.  Say like 8 months or so.

Still, I look outside while I’m sitting at the dinner table and it looks grey and gloomy out there.  It looks like rain but it sure doesn’t smell like rain.  Yanno that smell of rain.  Like the air is all damp and such.  We good use a good rain and I miss a good rain.  They make for good sleeping or napping weather and are especially good for baking.

So we have the last of the sealer on the last garden bed but the cooler weather is going to slow down how fast it dries.  A couple of loaves of bread are in the oven and the house is beginning to smell like fresh baked bread.  I’m chomping at the bit to get something in the garden ad get it growing.