Sawdust Therapy

IMG_0018-XLIt was just as the title says; a sawdust therapy kinda day.  Which is OK since I like the smell of sawn lumber and there was plenty of that today.  I had lotsa western red cedar sawdust to sweep up and throw into the trash.  But that’s alright too.  The garage floor needed a good sweeping anyway.  But at the end of the day I have two new raised garden beds cut out with one having two coats of Thompson’s Water Seal applied to it.  Now all I hafta do it get the other bed sealed tomorrow and I should be good to go to get them assembled Wednesday after work and sited.

I did run into a fairly real problem with where I wanted to locate one bed.  The desired location is right over a junction box for part of my yard irrigation system.  Ugh!  The best laid plans of mice and men go quickly astray.  No worries.  I have another site picked out and now maybe I’ll add another bed later in the year.  They will look get from that angle and maybe I can put down some flagstone or something in between them so I can locate my bird bath there.  What’s really cool is I found a solar powered light that will look awesome when I put it dead center of each bed.

My yard guys are gonna hate me however.  Screw em.  I pay the invoice each month and not them.  I don’t think they get a vote.