Patiently Waiting

IMG_0055-XLI took a quick look at Yahoo Weather to see what the temperature outside was.  I didn’t believe it was 54*F, so I looked at an app on my iPhone.  Yeh, it’s 54F out there.  It’s amazing that it feels like a heat wave to me.  But it feels good none the less and I for one am definitely not complaining.

I put on a pair of shorts when I got home, threw on a polo, put on my tennis shoes and did a quick walk around outside.  I made lotsa mental notes but I’ll do an actual list of chores come Saturday.  It’s no big deal.  I’m not in any kinda hurry right now.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the sun and the warm breezes right now.  We sure could use a good rain to wash the dirt and snow mold away.

Right now I’m thinking about the blossoms that will be on my crab apple trees.  The white blooms smell so sweet and I love how they perfume the air.  A few more weeks and they’ll be showing up.