I’m just letting my mind wander this afternoon.

IMG_0155-XLI’m just letting my mind wander this afternoon.  Why?  Because it can and I’m going to let it.  I’m just gonna let it take me wherever it leads and that’s alright by me.  Sometimes we get our heads too wrapped around stupid crap that in the grand scheme of things really doesn’t matter to a hill of beans.  But not today.  Not this afternoon.

There’s a mucher betterer place for my head this afternoon.  But no worries.  To each their own.  I have other places to be right now and I’m loving every minute of it.  It’s a warmer place too.  Oh wait … check that … it was kinda cool there … and wet … well … not as cool as it presently is where I am right this minute but you get the idea anywho.

Now I’m thinking how nice it would be to be having afternoon tea with someone.  I know of this really nice tea house in Wales.  It was a nice place.  You’d like it if you’re into quiet, off the beaten path places like I am.  And the hostess was a super nice lady who had some most excellent stories about growing up on a Welsh farm during the 30’s.  I love meeting people like her.