Early March

IMG_0001-XLWe used to try to beat Mom to see who got home first; her from work or us from school.  It was kinda rough considering she had the car and we were all the way downtown at the Catholic school.  We had a couple choices:  wait for the city bus and crowd on to that or start hoofing it on our own.  We could spend the dime we got for the bus if we walked.  The gas station had penny candy or we could walk for three days and have money enough for a 25 cent candy bar.  Mom hated it either way if she found out.  She said it would spoil our supper.  Sometimes it did but mostly it didn’t.  We were growing like weeds and we usually ate everything is sight if given half a chance.

You could sense a change in the weather.  The sun was out and felt warm when we were out of the wind.  It would bite cold once again if we stepped back into it.  Intramural boys basketball was over at the “Y” and we’d be focused on how well the boys team at the Catholic high school was doing for the state boys basketball tournament.  The parish priest and the nuns always reminded us about how we had to go to the games and show the guys our support.  The nuns like to end a day with a prayer that usually ended with something along the lines of ” … and help those boys beat those damned Protestants.”  It’s kinda funny now once I think about it again.

The days would warm up and the snow and ice would melt and turn the ground into mud only for it to refreeze and start the cycle all over again.  The neighbor ladies would be busy in the sheds getting ready to start planting their Spring gardens and would be busy checking the Farmer’s Almanac to see when they could plant this or how much longer before they could plant that.  They reused those new fangled Styrofoam egg cartons to start seeds in rather then throw them away because it would be such a waste in their eyes.

The chickadees would be singing in the trees and the bushes just like they are right now in my backyard  They kept us company all winter just like the cardinals, the bluejays and the wrens.  But now we were waiting to catch a glimpse of our first robin of the new season.  That and to see flocks of ducks and Canada geese as they started to make their way back north once again.  Momma always relished in seeing that first robin.  She always made a point out of letting all of us know she saw one in the trees outside her kitchen window.

Yanno, I love winter despite the snow and cold and ice; but I’m ready for a change.  I’m ready to see that first robin of the season.