Monday before Snow Day

IMG_0008-XLWaiting.  Sitting around waiting for another snow to come through tonight.  The snowblower is gassed up and I have some for spare.  It’s the curse of the refill of the gas tank I think.  You fill it up and  … Voila … another heaping of what you want to avoid at this time of year. Ah, the fun never ends up here on the frozen tundra as a friend of mine likes to refer to it.  Now all I need are polar bears running around outside.

But it’s all good.  I just remind myself that it’s gonna snow cuz it’s too cold to rain.  It will be warm soon enough and there’s plenty of time to get ready to get the garden started and prep for planting.  The gummys are primed and ready to start planting just as soon as I get the starter pots and set up the saw horses.  Now it’s just a matter of timing since I do have two more planter beds to get built and installed.  Better yet, let’s get rid of that white stuff while we’re at it.