Thursday Randomness

IMG_0013-XLIs randomness even a word?  Yes, it is according to the web.  So, we’ll use it whether or not its use is appropriate.

It’s pretty bad outside when one considers 11*F to be warm.  Good God.  It was -11*F when I was waiting for my morning commute train with a windchill of -25*F.  I don’t care where you’re from, that’s cold.  The rest of the month doesn’t look much better.  I guess I’ll just hafta think warm thoughts.  Maybe we can get out for some pics this weekend.

No Spring vacation this year for me.  I got my taxes back and “OUCH!!!”  There goes flying out to the Outer Banks or down to San Antonio for the River Walk.  I would like to say that I have my Fall vacation to comfort me, but that’s a long ways away.  Sounds kinda selfish when I look back at what I just wrote.  We’ll spend some time with the gummys instead and let them help me in my garden as it expands.  They like that.

I went and had some French Toast at Bakers Square after getting my taxes back.  Maple syrup and take home pie kinda sorta smoothed some of my ruffled and burnt feathers.

I heard “Bless you little pea pickin’ heart” today.  I haven’t heard that phrase in I dunno how long.  Does anyone actually say that phrase any more?

What a day at work today.  I’m ready to call days like today “Ta Da Days!” cuz I’d be damn surprised if I actually got anything done.