Tuesday Musings

IMG_0161-XLI’ve had some time to think about certain things and one realization that I’ve come to believe is I’m a pretty crappy tourist.  No, not in the sense that I’m one of those ugly Americans that appear to be walking about aimlessly and without any type of adult supervision.  I realize that I’m a guest in a country and I try to behave accordingly.  This world definitely doesn’t need another ugly American nor do I wish to be viewed as one.  I’ll leave that spectacle for others to create.

I sit back at times when I can’t think of anything to write and I look at the pics that I have stored on SmugMug or on my external hard drive.  Yeh, I mind travel when I do mainly so I can relive where I was at.  But it sit back and look at some albums and think that I didn’t take enough “quality” pictures in my travels.  Yayayayayayay, there are only so many pictures of the Eiffel Tower that you can take before you realize there are a ton of them that I can get for free on Google.

But I sit back and regret not taking pictures of Marie who is a real nice waitress that I met at a restaurant in Mont. St. Michel.  Or Heidi the waitress that I met at a gasthaus in Oberammergau.  Or even Wilhelm the guy that I met and spoke to in Regensberg.  Lost opportunities that are gone for forever.  Too bad.  They were very nice people that brought a smile to my life.

I need to take better pictures like Morris the cat.  I have no clue what his actual name is but his home is at the Rose Garden in Bern where the groundskeeper cares for him.  He was a nice guy and very friendly.  He struck a handsome pose too.  I suspect he must be hitting on all the single ladies that he meets and more than likely gets away with it too.

So, I’ll keep working at it and try to be a better tourist.  God, I’d love to hit the lotto for just enough so I could travel 2 weeks out of every month.  There’s just too much to see and experience in this world.  And besides, someone owes me an elephant.