Random Thoughts for Friday

IMG_0029-XLThey must really be driving kinda wild and crazy like out there tonight.  The commute home was bad enough but I’ve seen the police cruise by with sirens blasting three times now in the past hour.  There must be a whole lotta guys in a hurry to get to the flower shop before it closes today.

And it was one of those crazy days at work today.  I just couldn’t get anything done at all this morning or this afternoon.  It was one of those kinda days where you just say “Screw it!” and head for the door.  It will all sort itself out next week.

I had four different PowerBall quick picks and not a doggone one of them even won $4.  But let’s stop and think about it.  In my humble opinion the best time to win the lotto is the drawing right after someone hits a really big jackpot.  All of the attention is on them.  Besides, I’m not greedy.  I can live just fine on a $20 million jackpot .  They’re usually a little bigger than that after a really big jackpot but who’s pinching pennies?

Tomorrow is bread baking day.  It will keep my mind occupied. At least we’re halfway thru February.

I looked at the long range weather forecast.  Cold.  Need I say more?  It’s Minnesota and it’s February.

30 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for Friday

  1. We’re supposed to have a really cold day tomorrow. (cold by our standards). I have a whole lot of homework to keep me busy though.


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