Snow Day


It’s actually kinda pretty watching the snow fall down from the sky.  But it’s also easy to say that when I’m as snug as bug in a rug in my place versus doing the commute home.  Yes, Minnesota drivers must have just plain lost their damn minds this afternoon.  It started with a mix of rain and frozen (which froze) and then turned into wet snow.  Even my ride was giving me the flashing fish tail light on my dash to let me know the roads were bad.  Do you think they’d slow down???  Ah hell no!

Somehow we managed to get home despite the speed demons who were out driving around totally without any adult supervision.  Then we got to play with the snow blower which is actually kinda cool to use.  Well, it’s kinda sorta cool to me that is.  But it’s all good.  Outside chores are done for now and I’m writing out a list for ingredients for a homemade chicken pot pie.  Comfort food just somehow tastes real good during the late winter.