It’s Becoming Late Winter

It’s not often that our weather cooperates with you during February. It’s usually cold and nasty out there and you typically want to just stay inside.  Today was not one of those days.  It was warm out there today.  Well, warm for central Minnesota during a February that is.  So I got home, dropped my slacks, pulled on a pair of jeans, fed the cats and out the door I went.

Late winter.  I’m close enough to the cities for an easy enough morning commute yet close enough to get out when the mood changes.  It’s just a nice and quiet country road south of my place.  You know the kind?  People still wave at you as they drive by.  That or they stop to see if you’re alright or just curious what you’re doing out there. I don’t think I scare them none. I think they’re more concerned if I’m trespassing or poaching.  My camera may be a Canon but it’s no canon to shoot anything other than digital images.

But it’s quiet out there other than the jets that fly overhead on final approach to the cities and I kinda like that. I know if I would ever hit the lotto then I’d have a place well out of the cities.  Some place that I could tap a some Sugar Maples come the first of March.  Some place where the whitetails could browse unmolested other than having to tolerate my weak attempts at photography.  And some place that I could take my gummys out exploring nature like we had our own “100 Acre Forest”. Yeh, that would be good.