Random Thoughts on Saurday

IMG_0005-XLI have wheels once again since Vee Dub finished up early on Petey’s maintenance.  She’s all squared away and good to go for a while now.  Plus I got a free oil change since the mechanic didn’t pay attention and failed to see that they changed the oil in her last week.  I know the oil is recycled but what a waste.  Good thing I didn’t pay for it.

Tonight is one of those nights that I think I’ll stay in with some buttered popcorn and watch a movie.  I only have a hunderty billionty channels and cable of which I may watch 20.  It would be nice if you only had to pay for what you want to watch versus having all of these channels that I’m not really sure who watches them

Big Boy came to bother me while I sit here.  He wanted to show me how tough he is and how sharp his teeth are.

My step brother doesn’t get my gadget addiction.  It’s OK I suppose.  He wasn’t one of those people like me that wanted to know how many screws were in my first PC or what happened when I inserted this upgrade or this expansion card or whatever.  He gets a big kick out of me never going anywhere without my technology.  I won’t tell him about my new Nest smoke and CO2 detectors that I installed today.

I need to have a road trip sometime soon.  Tomorrow is as good of a day as any if the weather cooperates.

I need to find something that I like for tomorrow’s Art Sunday.