Brrrrrrrr, it’s cold out there today!

IMG_0001-XLIt was a rather balmy and tropical -4*F this morning when I left on my morning commute.  It’s not that much better right now with a blazing 16*F as the sun starts to go down.  This won’t last long according to the weather guy but he can be wrong too.  It’s Minnesota’s way of telling you not to be quite so eager for the sap to run in the sugar maples.

Oh well.  We dealt with it by taking my weekend chore and doing it today after work.  Electricity and me are friends but I somehow always seem to cut one of my fingers on something and it’s band-aid time.  Yeh, I hear your giggles already.  But you’ll be pleased to know I only let out one cuss word when it happened.  Yep, one “F” bomb out of my lips when that happened.  Miss Lily looked at me like I had done lost my mind and then she set her ears back and walked away at a fast pace.

I made up to her by giving her a cat treat.